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Debit Card 24/7 Member Assistance.

(833) 467-4289

Report A Card Lost Or Stolen. Declined Purchases. Limit Adjustments. Register Travel. And More.

Members can now receive assistance 24/7 with the following:

Report Cards Lost or Stolen. Agents are able to turn a card “off” if they are misplaced or stolen and back “on” when a cardholder is ready to use it.

Declined Transactions. If the cardholder has a declined transaction that is confirmed legitimate an agent can override the decline and allow the cardholder to try the transaction again. 

Damaged Card Replacement. When a cardholder has a damaged card that can be replaced with a new card that has the same number.

Limit Adjustments. Agents are able to temporarily increase daily limits.

Register Travel. Agents will be able to flag members cards for travel up to a maximum of 60 days.

Card Production Inquiries. If a member’s card is visible in the system, agents can provide a production date.

PIN Try Resets. If a cardholder has entered a PIN incorrectly agents can reset the number of attempts. 

*Agents are not able to set/reset a cardholders PIN through the Debit Card 24/7 Member Assistance Line.  To reset a cardholder PIN please call: (800) 757-9848.