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Bi-annual Account Audit

Dear Credit Union Member:

The federal law under which Allegany First Federal Credit Union (AFFCU) operates requires that its Supervisory Committee verify member accounts periodically. A bi-annual account verification audit is one of many internal control processes followed by AFFCU to help ensure the accuracy and reliability of our financial reporting system for the protection of our members.

The purpose of this notice is to verify the accuracy of your account. If the statement of your account is not correct, please notify the Supervisory Committee immediately. The balances shown will be considered correct unless we are notified within ten (10) days.

The Supervisory Committee is available to help arbitrate or pursue questions regarding your account with AFFCU if an unresolved situation should arise.

If you have any questions concerning the accuracy of your statement please contact:

James Wolfer

PO Box 17

Fillmore, NY 14735